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Criminal law and road traffic offences

We stopped doing criminal defence work under the Legal Aid scheme some time ago because of inadequate funding which in many cases would have meant severe time constraints on preparation.  We could not compromise on the quality of service which our clients deserved and therefore stopped doing legal aid work in 2006.

We can advise and represent you at an agreed fee in connection with Housing Act prosecutions and good professional advice at the outset sometimes saves a client costs and helps in the preparation of a sound defence.

Housing Act Prosecutions

We are well-established law practice with over 25 years’ experience in the legal profession.

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We can advise and represent you at an agreed fee payable in advance to attend  upon you at a police station and if you are charged we can then discuss a fee for defending you stage by stage, i.e. Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court respectively.  

Police Station Representation

Solicitor dealing in criminal law Child about to get mowed down in the street - his basketball will not save him

If you have been involved in a road traffic prosecution, please do not hesitate to consult us.  We shall be happy to assist you with professional advice and representation as may be required at a reasonable fee to be agreed in advance.

Road Traffic

If you are willing to pay a reasonable fee to defend you, we will be only too pleased to advise and represent you if you are arrested and require police station representation, Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court.  We have the experience and expertise stretching over several decades in dealing with any criminal matter, minor or serious.  We can also assist you with an appeal right up to the Supreme Court.

Our team of experienced solicitors have represented clients in virtually all categories of crime, including but not limited to theft, assault, fraud, deception, forgery, money laundering, sexual offences, Proceeds of Crime Act, Road Traffic and local authority prosecutions.  We have a proven success record stretching over many years and we never compromise on the quality of service we endeavour to provide, which we believe all our clients deserve.

If you are thinking of taking advice on an ongoing investigation or charge, we can assist you at a small consultation fee which may sometimes be all that you need to put your mind at rest.  A brief consultation may sometimes cost as little as between £50 and £100 only. We have the experience of dealing with high profile cases, including but not limited to serious fraud, financial fraud and money laundering, etc.